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          Regardless if you are a small business or a major large corporation your goals are one of the same.  In order to gain market leverage you need to extend credit and bad debt is the cost of doing business. Keep in mind extending credit can create major losses that can drive any lucrative company into bankruptcy. I have held many management position for fortune 500 companies driving success models.  As a consultant I will mentor, facilitate and advise of your needs and risk management.


          Highly motivated Business Enabler and industry Innovator, with many years of management experience. Strong functional knowledge of credit operations and solid understanding of risk management, economic models, Dun and Bradstreet reports, financial statements, and consumer credit data. Experience incubuses project management, business development, and risk analysis, engineering, implementing new procedure guidelines for employees, recruiting, developing and training credit analysts and managing credit and collection department. Department ISO certified.

Section 2


Corporate Express                                                                      

Credit & Collection Manager/A/R Manager


  • Provided significant improvements in quality and productivity by 100% accuracy.
  • DSO change from DSO of 48 to 36 per year
  • Productivity increased by 45% per associate
  • Department ISO Certified
  • Cash application entries daily with no error
  • Developed a staff that delivered quality customer service, and had the tools of          knowledge to assess risk, which increased revenue and decreased credit losses.
  • Extensive knowledge in I.T. automations, analyzing staff resources, re-organization.
  • Bad Debt write offs less then 1% per annum

          Increased sales based on accounting relationships with the customers

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Managed commercial credit relationships
  • Approved and decline credit
  • Determined on what basis credit would be extended and on what terms
  • Approved adjustments to customer’s accounts
  • Managed the collection department, strategic account reconciliation of accounts payables to account receivables
  • Month end reports to the executive committee
  • Weekly and daily reports created as needed
  • Assigned accounts for third party collections when efforts in-house were exhausted.  Provided training and direction to a staff of 23 associates.
  • Conducted performance evaluations, and any other human resource changes for optimum results
  • Visited customers and participated in sales calls to generated new business
  • Managed account implementation, credit and refills, and tax certificates for exempt customers.                       

MATTEL CALL CENTER , Phoenix , AZ                                                 

Credit Collections Manager /Financial Analyst


  • Established and executed goals and standards. Re-organized and re-engineered credit operations providing significant improvements on quality, productivity and cost. Decreased bad debt from 20% to 4.9%.
  • Seasoned manager with years of credit and collections both commercial and consumer experience in a phone environment of 300 plus employees in reducing bad debt expenses by 50%.
  • Instrumental in implementing processes in a start-up call center for 300 seats in all aspects of customer service, employee procedures, and implementation of outsourcing.
  • Experience in managing both personal and commercial portfolios.
  • Utilization of accounting principals, credit and collections expertise.
  • Implemented and executed a cash application processes
  • Implemented and executed fraud detection processes
  • Outsourcing processes in place for cost natives

 Areas of Responsibility:

  • Approving and declining credit
  • Managing collections, cash applications, write offs to bad debt, placement of accounts to third party collections.
  • Approving adjustments to customer’s accounts
  • Aging reports weekly submitted to Corporate as well as daily cash apps and sales reports. Performance evaluation, training hiring and terminating
  • Special projects

WESTEX, Phoenix , AZ   

Credit Collections Manager

  • Approving and declining commercial credit
  • Managed 6 associates providing training coaching mentoring.
  • Collections
  • Performance evaluations
  • Hiring and terminating


Supervisor Credit Operations Small Business & Government Operations

  • Managing 43 credit analysts
  • Conducted one on ones monthly
  • Managed credit and collections
  • Performance appraisals
  • Special Projects


Visio, Excel, Access, Microsoft Office 98, TCS, CMS, Oracle, OMS, ACT, Remedy, Cognos, Invision, DMS



Brooklyn College , Brooklyn , NY


Kingsboro Community College, Brooklyn , NY


Communicate with Success

Stress Management

Time Management

Assertive Management

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Leadership 1 & 2

Team Building

Situational Leadership

Coaching and Developing High Performance

Section 3

                                               Joyce Diamond       

                     6635 W. HAPPY VALLEY RD. Suite A104,  Glendale AZ., 85310              

                                                       Fax 623 572-8151

                                         mailto: info@azcreditandcollections.com

Section 4

Fee's and Charges for services

1. Corporate Collections Administration,  Temporary Basis

2. Company Receivables and Collectables = To be discussed

3. Contract work for multiple weeks services is  available. Please contact me for contract work fee's.


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